Booster Pack Vol. 1: Rally To War is the first Booster Pack of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-.


Rally to War contains 120 cards (RR: 10 / R: 30 / U: 30 / C: 50). Each pack contains 8 cards, and each display contains 20 packs.

Card List

Card No. Name Type Color Rarity
DB-BT01/001 Sunscale Dragon Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT01/002 Angelica, the Light of Logres Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT01/003 Kaddar, Dragonmage Adept Creature Yellow R
DB-BT01/004 Tariel, High Priestess Creature Yellow R
DB-BT01/005 Darion, Brutal Enforcer Creature Yellow R
DB-BT01/006 Sanctuary Enforcer Creature Yellow R
DB-BT01/007 Elven Bladesmith Creature Yellow R
DB-BT01/008 Centaur Ranger Creature Yellow U
DB-BT01/009 Sunscale Swordsman Creature Yellow U
DB-BT01/010 Azraeus, Blade of the Justicar Creature Yellow U
DB-BT01/011 Spellweaver Magus Creature Yellow U
DB-BT01/012 Frontline Stormer Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/013 Veteran Knight Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/014 Earthen Guard Golem Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/015 Sunscale Sage Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/016 Stoneskin Charger Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/017 Goldleaf Hunter Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/018 Logres Swiftblade Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/019 Sunscale Ascetic Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/020 Rookie Knight Creature Yellow C
DB-BT01/021 Replenish the Ranks Spell Yellow R
DB-BT01/022 Allied Front Spell Yellow U
DB-BT01/023 Dragon's Presence Spell Yellow U
DB-BT01/024 Althaine's Blessing Spell Yellow C
DB-BT01/025 Terraxx, Earthshaker Creature Green RR
DB-BT01/026 Eleanor, Queen of Storm Creature Green RR
DB-BT01/027 The Prismatic King Creature Green R
DB-BT01/028 Tireless Hunter Creature Green R
DB-BT01/029 Redfang, Born Leader Creature Green R
DB-BT01/030 Stormbranch, Knowledge of Ages Creature Green R
DB-BT01/031 Fal'thalas, the Lost Wind Creature Green R
DB-BT01/032 Springleaf Angel Creature Green U
DB-BT01/033 Elven Farstriker Creature Green U
DB-BT01/034 Guardian of the Forest Creature Green U
DB-BT01/035 Mischievous Sprite Creature Green U
DB-BT01/036 Tanglewood Druid Creature Green U
DB-BT01/037 Ancient Gnarlwood Creature Green C
DB-BT01/038 Gigantor Weevil Creature Green C
DB-BT01/039 Primeape Javelineer Creature Green C
DB-BT01/040 Bloodscent Arachnid Creature Green C
DB-BT01/041 Fleetwing Sprite Creature Green C
DB-BT01/042 Tanglewood Menace Creature Green C
DB-BT01/043 Timid Scout Creature Green C
DB-BT01/044 Chromatic Disturbance Spell Green R
DB-BT01/045 Nature's Touch Spell Green U
DB-BT01/046 Growing Touch Spell Green C
DB-BT01/047 Laelania's Call Spell Green C
DB-BT01/048 Power of a Conquerer Spell Green C
DB-BT01/049 Zero, Mecha Warrior Creature Blue RR
DB-BT01/050 Aquatic Battle Unit, Hydra Creature Blue RR
DB-BT01/051 Fleur, Tide of Avarice Creature Blue R
DB-BT01/052 Telios, Erstwhile Guardian Creature Blue R
DB-BT01/053 Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma Creature Blue R
DB-BT01/054 Vrrglsk, Plunderer of the Deep Creature Blue R
DB-BT01/055 Hajime, Righteous Blade Creature Blue R
DB-BT01/056 Plato, Accomplished Scientist Creature Blue R
DB-BT01/057 Typhos, Relentless Hunter Creature Blue U
DB-BT01/058 The Keeper Creature Blue U
DB-BT01/059 The Researcher Creature Blue U
DB-BT01/060 Tidechaser Captain Creature Blue C
DB-BT01/061 The Ripper Creature Blue C
DB-BT01/062 Black Market Armsdealer Creature Blue C
DB-BT01/063 Gillman Raider Creature Blue C
DB-BT01/064 Expedition Merfolk Creature Blue C
DB-BT01/065 Frontier Explorer Creature Blue C
DB-BT01/066 Hidden Arts, Water's Edge Shuriken Spell Blue U
DB-BT01/067 Rejuvenate Spell Blue U
DB-BT01/068 E.M.P Spell Blue U
DB-BT01/069 All Guns Blazing Spell Blue C
DB-BT01/070 Shieldbreaker Spell Blue C
DB-BT01/071 Displacer Spell Blue C
DB-BT01/072 Hidden Arts, Reverse Thunderstrike Spell Blue C
DB-BT01/073 Fafneer, Volatile Fire Creature Red RR
DB-BT01/074 Vylon, Great Horned General Creature Red RR
DB-BT01/075 Xeras, the Battleforged Creature Red R
DB-BT01/076 Doomfire Avatar Creature Red R
DB-BT01/077 Burbo, Shrewd Merchant Creature Red R
DB-BT01/078 Glauce, Will of Steel Creature Red R
DB-BT01/079 Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith Creature Red R
DB-BT01/080 Spleenshooter Goblin Creature Red U
DB-BT01/081 Ravenwing, Mistress of the Hunt Creature Red U
DB-BT01/082 Harpy Embermage Creature Red U
DB-BT01/083 Goblin Madcap Creature Red U
DB-BT01/084 Bothered Orcwife Creature Red C
DB-BT01/085 Runic Battlesmith Creature Red C
DB-BT01/086 Wandering Orc Creature Red C
DB-BT01/087 Boneclub Giant Creature Red C
DB-BT01/088 Hidden Blade Creature Red C
DB-BT01/089 Bladedance Rogue Creature Red C
DB-BT01/090 Harpy Huntress Creature Red C
DB-BT01/091 Goblin Toestabber Creature Red C
DB-BT01/092 Goblin-made Avalanche Spell Red R
DB-BT01/093 Torch Spell Red U
DB-BT01/094 Pyroblast Spell Red U
DB-BT01/095 Earthcrack Spell Red C
DB-BT01/096 Explosive Counter Spell Red C
DB-BT01/097 Shadowcrest the Subjugator Creature Black RR
DB-BT01/098 Albert, Plague Spreader Creature Black RR
DB-BT01/099 Ajeel of the Dark Reins Creature Black R
DB-BT01/100 Midnight Visitor Creature Black R
DB-BT01/101 Sinister Festering Stringman Creature Black R
DB-BT01/102 Succubus of Deception Creature Black U
DB-BT01/103 Bloody Baroness Creature Black U
DB-BT01/104 Flesh Shredder Creature Black U
DB-BT01/105 Baltheos, Devourer of Hope Creature Black U
DB-BT01/106 Cavalier Nosferatu Creature Black U
DB-BT01/107 Soul of the Lost Creature Black C
DB-BT01/108 Death Metal Rotter Creature Black C
DB-BT01/109 Grave Champion Creature Black C
DB-BT01/110 Bass Wrecker Creature Black C
DB-BT01/111 Lilith's Charmer Creature Black C
DB-BT01/112 Mindflayer Demon Creature Black C
DB-BT01/113 Rattlebone Fighter Creature Black C
DB-BT01/114 Wandering Apparition Creature Black C
DB-BT01/115 Offering of Souls Spell Black R
DB-BT01/116 Gluttony of Albert Spell Black R
DB-BT01/117 Death and Decay Spell Black R
DB-BT01/118 Death Trap Spell Black U
DB-BT01/119 Adraste's Disdain Spell Black C
DB-BT01/120 Despair Spell Black C
DB-BT01/S01 Althaine, Exemplar of Vashr Banner Yellow SCR
DB-BT01/S02 Laelania, Keeper of Vashr Banner Green SCR
DB-BT01/S03 Linx, Savant of Vashr Banner Blue SCR
DB-BT01/S04 Grousk, Warmonger of Vashr Banner Red SCR
DB-BT01/S05 Adraste, Hellion of Vashr Banner Black SCR
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