Booster Pack Vol. 2: Oath of Blood is the second Booster Pack of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-.


There are a total of 120 cards (RR: 10 / R: 30 / U: 30 / C: 50) Each pack will contain 8 cards and each display contains 20 packs.

Card List

Card No. Name Type Color Rarity
DB-BT02/001 Yvel, Lord of the Skies Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT02/002 Sigrun, the Holy Hand Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT02/003 Vainglory Incarnate Creature Yellow R
DB-BT02/004 Bacchus, Patron of the Blossom Creature Yellow R
DB-BT02/005 Wings of the Sunscale Creature Yellow R
DB-BT02/006 Elis, Aegis of Light Creature Yellow R
DB-BT02/007 Intimidating Guardian Creature Yellow R
DB-BT02/008 Arsenal of Justice Creature Yellow U
DB-BT02/009 Mechanized Rubblewalker Creature Yellow U
DB-BT02/010 Highelf Shieldmage Creature Yellow U
DB-BT02/011 Exalted Duelist Creature Yellow U
DB-BT02/012 Battleworn Colossus Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/013 Exalted Runemage Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/014 Highborn Sage Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/015 Fleetfoot Highborn Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/016 Highborn Exemplar Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/017 Chromegear Zealot Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/018 Dignified Brawler Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/019 Sunscale Warden Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/020 Angelica's Guard Creature Yellow C
DB-BT02/021 United in Purpose Spell Yellow R
DB-BT02/022 Shining Decree Spell Yellow U
DB-BT02/023 Righteous End Spell Yellow U
DB-BT02/024 Supreme Judgement Spell Yellow C
DB-BT02/025 Gravos, Lord of the Loam Creature Green RR
DB-BT02/026 Amarok, Lone Avenger Creature Green RR
DB-BT02/027 Star of Divinity Creature Green R
DB-BT02/028 Thalessa, Partisan of Life Creature Green R
DB-BT02/029 Axel, Little Fang Creature Green R
DB-BT02/030 Voice of the Living World Creature Green R
DB-BT02/031 Shadow Hunter Creature Green R
DB-BT02/032 Gallant Chevalier Creature Green U
DB-BT02/033 Gifted Geomancer Creature Green U
DB-BT02/034 Resolute Paladin Creature Green U
DB-BT02/035 Elder Horn Druid Creature Green U
DB-BT02/036 Holt Stalker Creature Green C
DB-BT02/037 Crusher of Armies Creature Green C
DB-BT02/038 Swampland Berserker Creature Green C
DB-BT02/039 Brutal Grizzly Creature Green C
DB-BT02/040 Devastator Boar Creature Green C
DB-BT02/041 Maiden of the Grove Creature Green C
DB-BT02/042 Augmented Sniper Creature Green C
DB-BT02/043 Canopy Scout Creature Green C
DB-BT02/044 Fairy Ally Creature Green C
DB-BT02/045 Ferocity Unleashed Spell Green R
DB-BT02/046 Supreme Foresight Spell Green U
DB-BT02/047 Violent Gale Spell Green U
DB-BT02/048 Sky and Earth Spell Green C
DB-BT02/049 The End of Tides Creature Blue RR
DB-BT02/050 Ulrisc, Lord of the Glacier Creature Blue RR
DB-BT02/051 Gorgoth the Devourer Creature Blue R
DB-BT02/052 The First Daughter Creature Blue R
DB-BT02/053 Amnat the Omniscient Creature Blue R
DB-BT02/054 Wavefinder Dragon Creature Blue R
DB-BT02/055 Mea, Whimsical Caper Creature Blue R
DB-BT02/056 Merfolk Tinkerer Creature Blue R
DB-BT02/057 The Overseer Creature Blue U
DB-BT02/058 The Nightingale Creature Blue U
DB-BT02/059 The Quartermaster Creature Blue U
DB-BT02/060 Knightbane Manticore Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/061 Vessel of the End Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/062 The Healer Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/063 Tidechaser Rogue Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/064 The Gardener Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/065 The Potioneer Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/066 Tidechaser Cannoneer Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/067 The Experiment Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/068 Tidechaser Grunt Creature Blue C
DB-BT02/069 Supreme Ambition Spell Blue U
DB-BT02/070 Augment Spell Blue U
DB-BT02/071 Sabotage Spell Blue U
DB-BT02/072 Seafarer's End Spell Blue C
DB-BT02/073 Eldrun, Lord of the Blaze Creature Red RR
DB-BT02/074 Hrist of the Infernal Blades Creature Red RR
DB-BT02/075 Zavzas, Mechanized Fury Creature Red R
DB-BT02/076 Ancient Skylord Creature Red R
DB-BT02/077 Halvast, the Searing Horn Creature Red R
DB-BT02/078 Darkforge Battlesmith Creature Red R
DB-BT02/079 Master of the Harvest Creature Red R
DB-BT02/080 Reeda, Scrapper's Ally Creature Red R
DB-BT02/081 Taurissian Arsonist Creature Red U
DB-BT02/082 Darkforge Wallsmasher Creature Red U
DB-BT02/083 Grimblade Fighter Creature Red U
DB-BT02/084 Shrouded Stalker Creature Red U
DB-BT02/085 Fervent Battlesmith Creature Red U
DB-BT02/086 Earthbreaker Titan Creature Red C
DB-BT02/087 Castlebreaker Creature Red C
DB-BT02/088 Daredevil Brat Creature Red C
DB-BT02/089 Industrialized Battlesmith Creature Red C
DB-BT02/090 Goblin Stalker Creature Red C
DB-BT02/091 Ingenious Saboteurs Creature Red C
DB-BT02/092 Skiving Troop Creature Red C
DB-BT02/093 Sudden Eruption Spell Red U
DB-BT02/094 Raid Spell Red C
DB-BT02/095 Supreme Brutality Spell Red C
DB-BT02/096 Titanic Force Spell Red C
DB-BT02/097 Sennes, Lord of the Rampage Creature Black RR
DB-BT02/098 Kaine, the Bane of Humans Creature Black RR
DB-BT02/099 Dark Diviner Creature Black R
DB-BT02/100 Necros, the Unending Creature Black R
DB-BT02/101 Ichorback Whelp Creature Black R
DB-BT02/102 Dark Puppeteer Creature Black R
DB-BT02/103 Esseria the Cruel Creature Black R
DB-BT02/104 Augmented Hellhound Creature Black U
DB-BT02/105 Augmented Cragborn Creature Black U
DB-BT02/106 Remorseful Succubus Creature Black U
DB-BT02/107 Fender Bender Creature Black U
DB-BT02/108 Vivacious Vampire Creature Black C
DB-BT02/109 Dread Gravekeeper Creature Black C
DB-BT02/110 Grotesque Cragborn Creature Black C
DB-BT02/111 Ravenous Gargoyle Creature Black C
DB-BT02/112 Augmented Stonegazer Creature Black C
DB-BT02/113 Bewitching Stonegazer Creature Black C
DB-BT02/114 Cragborn Proudstalker Creature Black C
DB-BT02/115 Risen Crusader Creature Black C
DB-BT02/116 Forgotten Acolyte Creature Black C
DB-BT02/117 Drag into the Abyss Spell Black R
DB-BT02/118 Devour Spell Black U
DB-BT02/119 Supreme Power Spell Black U
DB-BT02/120 Back from the Grave Spell Black C
DB-BT02/S01 Yvel, Lord of the Skies Creature Yellow SCR
DB-BT02/S02 Gravos, Lord of the Loam Creature Green SCR
DB-BT02/S03 Ulrisc, Lord of the Glacier Creature Blue SCR
DB-BT02/S04 Eldrun, Lord of the Blaze Creature Red SCR
DB-BT02/S05 Sennes, Lord of the Rampage Creature Black SCR
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