Booster Pack Vol. 3: Gears of Apocalypse is the third Booster Pack of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-.


There are a total of 120 cards (RR: 10 / R: 30 / U: 30 / C: 50) Each pack will contain 8 cards and each display contains 20 packs.

Card No. Name Type Color Rarity
DB-BT03/001 Hyperion, Sovereign Avatar Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT03/002 Chromegear Liberator Creature Yellow R
DB-BT03/003 Giorno, Eyes of Fate Creature Yellow R
DB-BT03/004 Althea, Hand of Althaine Creature Yellow R
DB-BT03/005 Guardian Whelp Creature Yellow R
DB-BT03/006 Amadeo, Cloudrunner Sneak Creature Yellow R
DB-BT03/007 Serene Prelate Creature Yellow U
DB-BT03/008 Angel of Divine Balance Creature Yellow U
DB-BT03/009 Darkbane Acolyte Creature Yellow U
DB-BT03/010 Unstoppable Charioteer Creature Yellow U
DB-BT03/011 Besieged Colossus Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/012 Lightglobe Angel Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/013 Fortified Golem Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/014 Gearbreaker Angel Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/015 Solemn Dragonsblade Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/016 Darkbane Priest Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/017 Determined Neophyte Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/018 Mending Angel Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/019 Sanctuary Squire Creature Yellow C
DB-BT03/020 Against All Odds Spell Yellow RR
DB-BT03/021 Divergent Ideals Spell Yellow R
DB-BT03/022 Nourish the Brood Spell Yellow U
DB-BT03/023 Answered Prayer Spell Yellow U
DB-BT03/024 Spur to Action Spell Yellow C
DB-BT03/025 Lady Luthiel Feanis Creature Green RR
DB-BT03/026 Erymanthias, Rankbreaker Creature Green RR
DB-BT03/027 Granvel, Arboreal Protector Creature Green R
DB-BT03/028 Amarie, Tanglewood Enchantress Creature Green R
DB-BT03/029 Cirdin, Repurposed Creature Green R
DB-BT03/030 Axel, Hardened Resolve Creature Green R
DB-BT03/031 Valiant Knight-Errant Creature Green R
DB-BT03/032 Obnoxious Liege-lord Creature Green U
DB-BT03/033 Favored Scholar Creature Green U
DB-BT03/034 Galewind Mage Creature Green U
DB-BT03/035 Nimble Outrider Creature Green U
DB-BT03/036 Spry Lookout Creature Green U
DB-BT03/037 Chromegear Paladin Creature Green C
DB-BT03/038 Backline Raider Creature Green C
DB-BT03/039 Bovine Sentinel Creature Green C
DB-BT03/040 Grassland Skirmisher Creature Green C
DB-BT03/041 Dauntless Lancer Creature Green C
DB-BT03/042 Thornwood Gunner Creature Green C
DB-BT03/043 Fairy Enchantress Creature Green C
DB-BT03/044 Warfront Disenchanter Creature Green C
DB-BT03/045 Erudite Archer Creature Green C
DB-BT03/046 Rallying Call Spell Green R
DB-BT03/047 Earthen Fury Spell Green U
DB-BT03/048 Heated Confrontation Spell Green C
DB-BT03/049 Kronus, Fist of the Rune Lord Creature Blue RR
DB-BT03/050 Celedros, Deepswell Champion Creature Blue RR
DB-BT03/051 Infini, Ancient Automaton Creature Blue R
DB-BT03/052 Reconstructed Sphinx Creature Blue R
DB-BT03/053 Menacing Manticore Creature Blue R
DB-BT03/054 Nephthyria, Solemn Jailor Creature Blue R
DB-BT03/055 Windchaser Griffin Creature Blue R
DB-BT03/056 Deepswell Merchant Creature Blue U
DB-BT03/057 The Slasher Creature Blue U
DB-BT03/058 Explosives Expert Creature Blue U
DB-BT03/059 Swordtail Griffin Creature Blue U
DB-BT03/060 Deepswell Cavekeeper Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/061 Duskreach Manticore Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/062 Bellicose Brinemage Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/063 Boarding Swashbuckler Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/064 Mobile Resupplier Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/065 Hypnotic Dreamweaver Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/066 The Exterminator Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/067 Press-ganged Sailor Creature Blue C
DB-BT03/068 Restrain Spell Blue R
DB-BT03/069 Manipulate Spell Blue U
DB-BT03/070 Battle Preparations Spell Blue U
DB-BT03/071 Reinforce Equipment Spell Blue C
DB-BT03/072 Unexpected Discovery Spell Blue C
DB-BT03/073 Tawosret, Ancient Ruler Creature Red RR
DB-BT03/074 Galeras, Moltenscale Whelp Creature Red RR
DB-BT03/075 Phoenixfire Dragon Creature Red R
DB-BT03/076 Battlefield Looter Creature Red R
DB-BT03/077 Bugo the Craven Creature Red R
DB-BT03/078 Devout of Darkness Creature Red R
DB-BT03/079 Commander Krict Creature Red R
DB-BT03/080 Energetic Farmhand Creature Red U
DB-BT03/081 Smith of Resonating Steel Creature Red U
DB/BT03/082 Magma Elemental Creature Red U
DB-BT03/083 Spare Part Collector Creature Red U
DB-BT03/084 Wild Gunner Creature Red U
DB-BT03/085 Dragonsmiter Giant Creature Red C
DB-BT03/086 Furious Battlechief Creature Red C
DB-BT03/087 Bouldershot Giant Creature Red C
DB-BT03/088 Dwarven Panzer Creature Red C
DB-BT03/089 Elderly Gunner Creature Red C
DB-BT03/090 Outland Wanderer Creature Red C
DB-BT03/091 Reckless Raider Creature Red C
DB-BT03/092 Goblin Darkcaller Creature Red C
DB-BT03/093 Flamefeather Shot Spell Red R
DB-BT03/094 Furious Outburst Spell Red U
DB-BT03/095 Pellet Shot Spell Red C
DB-BT03/096 Fortunate Encounter Spell Red C
DB-BT03/097 Erigor, Putrid Behemoth Creature Black RR
DB-BT03/098 Amorphous Skinchanger Creature Black R
DB-BT03/099 Agres, Defiler of Minds Creature Black R
DB-BT03/100 Gretia the Beguiling Creature Black R
DB-BT03/101 Nabries, Putrid Headsman Creature Black R
DB-BT03/102 Stormcharged Brawler Creature Black U
DB-BT03/103 Ghatano, Ancient One Creature Black U
DB-BT03/104 Adraste's Guard Creature Black U
DB-BT03/105 Doombringer Goblin Creature Black U
DB-BT03/106 Hollow Bowman Creature Black U
DB-BT03/107 Hellhound Legionnaire Creature Black C
DB-BT03/108 Steelforged Cragborn Creature Black C
DB-BT03/109 Entrancing Stoneweaver Creature Black C
DB-BT03/110 Junkheap Gargoyle Creature Black C
DB-BT03/111 Banetalon Temptress Creature Black C
DB-BT03/112 Mooncursed Hunter Creature Black C
DB-BT03/113 Noxious Rotwhale Creature Black C
DB-BT03/114 Seeker of Dark Truth Creature Black C
DB-BT03/115 Raving Dead Creature Black C
DB-BT03/116 Unholy Alliance Spell Black RR
DB-BT03/117 Scorn Spell Black R
DB-BT03/118 Mortal Wound Spell Black R
DB-BT03/119 Tempting Offer Spell Black U
DB-BT03/120 Altar of Dark Machinations Spell Black C
DB-BT03/S01 The Citadel of Logres Banner Yellow SCR
DB-BT03/S02 The Haven of Tir na Nog Banner Green SCR
DB-BT03/S03 The Ruins of Olous Banner Blue SCR
DB-BT03/S04 The March of Tauris Banner Red SCR
DB-BT03/S05 The Burg of Niflheim Banner Black SCR
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