Booster Pack Vol. 5: Surge of Titans is the fifth and final Booster Pack of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-.


There are a total of 80 cards (RR: 10 / R: 20 / U: 20 / C: 30) Each pack will contain 8 cards and each display contains 20 packs.


Card No. Name Type Color Rarity
DB-BT05/001 Lazarus, Commander of the Guard Creature Yellow RR
DB-BT05/002 Angel of Judgement Creature Yellow/Red RR
DB-BT05/003 Wandering Colossus Creature Yellow R
DB-BT05/004 Dragon of Divine Penance Creature Yellow R
DB-BT05/005 Cardinal Brawler Creature Yellow/Red R
DB-BT05/006 Bloodclaw Skyguard Creature Yellow/Red U
DB-BT05/007 Flagbearer of Logres Creature Yellow U
DB-BT05/008 Refurbished Battlesmith Creature Yellow C
DB-BT05/009 Devoted Centaur Creature Yellow C
DB-BT05/010 Thoughtful Scholar Creature Yellow C
DB-BT05/011 Warden of the Sanctuary Creature Yellow C
DB-BT05/012 Fearless Dragonrider Creature Yellow C
DB-BT05/013 Only the Worthy Spell Yellow R
DB-BT05/014 Faith's Requital Spell Yellow U
DB-BT05/015 Angelica's Ward Spell Yellow U
DB-BT05/016 Virtuous Light Spell Yellow C
DB-BT05/017 Angel of Silence Creature Green/Yellow RR
DB-BT05/018 Darius, Nature's Majesty Creature Green RR
DB-BT05/019 Dragon of Origins Creature Green R
DB-BT05/020 Palas, the Radiant Creature Green/Yellow R
DB-BT05/021 Voracious Eater Creature Green R
DB-BT05/022 Jamira, Woodland Keeper Creature Green R
DB-BT05/023 Bringer of Serenity Creature Green/Yellow U
DB-BT05/024 Mystical Transmuter Creature Green U
DB-BT05/025 Sureshot Elf Creature Green C
DB-BT05/026 Determined Sprite Creature Green C
DB-BT05/027 Lightstream Angel Creature Green C
DB-BT05/028 Tanglewood Fae Creature Green C
DB-BT05/029 Mistcloaked Scout Creature Green C
DB-BT05/030 Vicious Blow Spell Green U
DB-BT05/031 Beck and Call Spell Green U
DB-BT05/032 Entangling Path Spell Green C
DB-BT05/033 Dragon of Omniscience Creature Blue RR
DB-BT05/034 Angel of Mystery Creature Blue/Green RR
DB-BT05/035 Proteus, the Ancient Deep Creature Blue R
DB-BT05/036 Ubudugu, Questionable Mage Creature Blue/Green R
DB-BT05/037 Enthralling Songstress Creature Blue/Green U
DB-BT05/038 The Enchantress Creature Blue U
DB-BT05/039 Seeker of Truth Creature Blue C
DB-BT05/040 The Provocateur Creature Blue C
DB-BT05/041 Wavestrider Creature Blue C
DB-BT05/042 Combat Unit Prototype Creature Blue C
DB-BT05/043 Steelsaber Adept Creature Blue C
DB-BT05/044 Caught Unawares Spell Blue R
DB-BT05/045 Tempest Wave Spell Blue R
DB-BT05/046 Reboot Spell Blue U
DB-BT05/047 Devious Ploy Spell Blue U
DB-BT05/048 Siren Song Spell Blue C
DB-BT05/049 Dragon of Aggression Creature Red RR
DB-BT05/050 Angel of Destruction Creature Red/Black RR
DB-BT05/051 Grakk, Apex Hunter Creature Red/Black R
DB-BT05/052 Doomchaser Dragon Creature Red R
DB-BT05/053 Stonebreaker Goretops Creature Red R
DB-BT05/054 Avatar of Anarchy Creature Red U
DB-BT05/055 Wild Raptor Creature Red U
DB-BT05/056 Careless Orc Creature Red C
DB-BT05/057 Duskcliff Bandit Creature Red C
DB-BT05/058 Goblin Weedwhacker Creature Red C
DB-BT05/059 Savage Horticulturist Creature Red C
DB-BT05/060 The Rankbreaker Creature Red C
DB-BT05/061 War Lord's Challenge Spell Red R
DB-BT05/062 Moment of Confusion Spell Red U
DB-BT05/063 Strength and Cunning Spell Red/Black U
DB-BT05/064 Molten Breath Spell Red C
DB-BT05/065 Baron Elliott, the Grand Mastermind Creature Black RR
DB-BT05/066 Angel of Denial Creature Black/Blue RR
DB-BT05/067 Daredevil Vampire Creature Black R
DB-BT05/068 Dragon of Calamity Creature Black/Blue R
DB-BT05/069 Captious Vampire Creature Black R
DB-BT05/070 Shambling Spearman Creature Black U
DB-BT05/071 Manipulator of Reflections Creature Black/Blue U
DB-BT05/072 Adaptive Ooze Creature Black C
DB-BT05/073 Contemptuous Vampire Creature Black C
DB-BT05/074 Master of Progress Creature Black C
DB-BT05/075 Mausoleum Horror Creature Black C
DB-BT05/076 Overburdened Porter Creature Black C
DB-BT05/077 Reawaken Spell Black R
DB-BT05/078 Deathblossom Spell Black U
DB-BT05/079 Shredding Burst Spell Black U
DB-BT05/080 Without Remorse Spell Black C
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