Cost is the amount of resource card one has to Rest (Rest) in order to summon a creature, or activate a spell.

The cost to be paid is written on the left hand corner of each card.
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While paying the cost, players must keep in mind that they have to rest at least one card of the same color as the creature or spell they are using. For example, if a player is using a yellow card that has a cost of 3, at least one of the three resources rested must be yellow.

Gameplay of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-
Colors Yellow (Logres) ● Green (Tir Na Nog) ● Blue (Olous) ● Red (Tauris) ● Black (Niflheim)
Card Types CreatureSpellBanner
Phases Start phase (Stand stepDice stepDraw stepResource step)
Main phaseCombat phaseEnd phase
Zones Dice zoneDeckDiscard pileFieldFortHandResource zoneSideboard
Glossary AbilityAmbushAttackBattleBlockChooseCost
DamageDestroyDice (DragoshieldDragocross) ● DiscardDraw
EnduranceGameMulliganPlayStand and restSummonTurn
Keywords AssassinDeadlyFort BurstImmuneSiphon
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