Creature cards represent characters that fight for the player. Creatures can attack forts to deal damage to them, removing barriers on them and paving the way to winning the game; at the same time, they assist the player through beneficial abilities.

During the main phase, the turn player can summon creatures by paying their cost, resting that many resource cards. Summoned creatures are placed on a fort; each fort can have up to two creatures. If a player summons a creature to a fort at maximum capacity, that player puts one of the creatures in that fort into the discard pile. Creatures can also be moved between forts during the main phase.

During the combat phase, creatures can attack forts, or block incoming attacks from enemy creatures. Whenever a creature blocks another creature, those two creatures battle, dealing damage equal to their ATK to each other. If the damage a creature has taken in a single turn equals or exceeds its EDR, it is destroyed and put into its owner's discard pile. If a creature deals damage to a dragoshield, the dragoshield's value is lowered by that amount.

Parts of a creature card


  • Located in the upper-left corner. The number of resources needed to summon the creature. One of the resources used must match the color of the creature. Creatures with a "-" cost cannot be summoned normally.

Card Name

  • Located near the top edge of the card. The card's name.

Card Type

  • Located near the top of the card, under the card name. The type of the card, which states "Creature:" followed by the creature's trait.


  • Located in the upper-right corner. If the creature is dragocrossed, the die used is placed here.

Card Text

  • Located near the bottom of the card. The creature's abilities are listed here.

Nation Symbol

  • Located at the bottom edge of the card. Indicates the nation the creature is from, and by extension its color.


  • Located at the bottom-left corner. Indicates the creature's attack and endurance values, used in battle.
Gameplay of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-
Colors Yellow (Logres) ● Green (Tir Na Nog) ● Blue (Olous) ● Red (Tauris) ● Black (Niflheim)
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