The Demo Deck is a constructed deck that will be given out to participants who joined Dragoborne demos at 200 U.S game stores in July.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 53 cards.
  • Some cards may have no text compared to their regular versions.

Card List

Code Amount Name Color Type
DB-DD/01 2 Sunscale Dragon Yellow Creature
DB-DD/02 4 Bountiful Angel Yellow Creature
DB-DD/03 4 Logres Swiftblade Yellow Creature
DB-DD/04 4 Althaine's Blessing Yellow Spell
DB-DD/05 1 Shield of Logres Yellow Banner
DB-DD/06 2 The Prismatic King Green Creature
DB-DD/07 2 Primeape Javelineer Green Creature
DB-DD/08 4 Bloodscent Arachnid Green Creature
DB-DD/09 1 Runemark of Tir na Nog Green Banner
DB-DD/10 4 Runic Battlesmith Red Creature
DB-DD/11 2 Wandering Orc Red Creature
DB-DD/12 2 Boneclub Giant Red Creature
DB-DD/13 4 Hidden Blade Red Creature
DB-DD/14 4 Harpy Huntress Red Creature
DB-DD/15 4 Goblin Madcap Red Creature
DB-DD/16 4 Torch Red Spell
DB-DD/17 4 Pyroblast Red Spell
DB-DD/18 1 Standard of Tauris Red Banner
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