Spell cards are cards that can be played to cause a one-time effect. Spells can be played during the main phase, or when used as an ambush. After a spell's effect resolves, it is put into the discard pile.

Parts of a spell card


  • Located in the upper-left corner. The number of resources needed to cast the spell. One of the resources used must match the color of the spell. Spells with a "-" cost cannot be summoned normally.

Card Name

  • Located near the top edge of the card. The card's name.

Card Type

  • Located near the top of the card, under the card name. The type of the card, which states "Spell:" followed by the spell's type.

Card Art

  • Located at the center of the card. The card's art. Takes up most of the space on the card.

Card Text

  • Located near the bottom of the card. The spell's effects are listed here.

Nation Symbol

  • Located at the bottom edge of the card. Indicates the nation the spell is from, and by extension its color.

Set Number

  • Located at the bottom-left corner. Indicates the set the card is from and its card number within the set.


  • Located at the bottom-right corner. Indicates the illustrator that drew the card's art.
Gameplay of Dragoborne -Rise To Supremacy-
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