Trial Deck Vol 1: Shadow Legion is the first Trial Deck released for the Dragoborne Trading Card Game.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 53 cards.
  • Features 21 unique cards, 6 of them exclusive.
  • Includes 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook for the game.
  • This deck will feature Black, Red, and Yellow banners.

Card List

Code Amount Name Type Color
DB-TD01/01 2 Bountiful Angel Creature Yellow
DB-TD01/02 4 Sunscale Sage Creature Yellow
DB-TD01/03 4 Goldleaf Hunter Creature Yellow
DB-TD01/04 4 Althaine's Blessing Spell Yellow
DB-TD01/05 1 Shield of Logres Banner Yellow
DB-TD01/06 2 Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker Creature Red
DB-TD01/07 2 Goblin Madcap Creature Red
DB-TD01/08 4 Bladedance Rogue Creature Red
DB-TD01/09 2 Goblin Toestabber Creature Red
DB-TD01/10 2 Pyroblast Spell Red
DB-TD01/11 1 Standard of Tauris Banner Red
DB-TD01/12 2 Lady Valistra, Bloodlines Tormented Creature Black
DB-TD01/13 2 Undying Executioner Creature Black
DB-TD01/14 2 Cavalier Nosferatu Creature Black
DB-TD01/15 4 Crowd Surfer Creature Black
DB-TD01/16 2 Death Metal Rotter Creature Black
DB-TD01/17 4 Carbuncle Imp Creature Black
DB-TD01/18 4 Wandering Apparition Creature Black
DB-TD01/19 2 Death Trap Spell Black
DB-TD01/20 2 Adraste's Disdain Spell Black
DB-TD01/21 1 Curse of Niflheim Banner Black
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