Trial Deck Vol. 3: Alpha Dominance is the third Trial Deck released for the Dragoborne Trading Card Game.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 53 cards.
  • Features 21 unique cards, 6 of them exclusive.
  • Includes 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook for the game.
  • This deck will feature Red, Blue, and Green banners.

Card List

Code Amount Name Type Color
DB-TD03/01 4 Thornbark Walker Creature Green
DB-TD03/02 2 Elven Farstriker Creature Green
DB-TD03/03 2 Primeape Javelineer Creature Green
DB-TD03/04 4 Fleetwing Sprite Creature Green
DB-TD03/05 2 Nature's Touch Spell Green
DB-TD03/06 2 Laelania's Call Spell Green
DB-TD03/07 1 Runemark of Tir na Nog Banner Green
DB-TD03/08 2 Dramph Tommar, Kingpin Creature Blue
DB-TD03/09 2 Gillman Raider Creature Blue
DB-TD03/10 2 Rejuvenate Spell Blue
DB-TD03/11 4 All Guns Blazing Spell Blue
DB-TD03/12 1 Insignia of Olous Banner Blue
DB-TD03/13 2 Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma Creature Red
DB-TD03/14 2 Stormfeather Screecher Creature Red
DB-TD03/15 2 Carefree Orc Creature Red
DB-TD03/16 4 Wandering Orc Creature Red
DB-TD03/17 4 Boneclub Giant Creature Red
DB-TD03/18 4 Hidden Blade Creature Red
DB-TD03/19 4 Highlands Rogue Creature Red
DB-TD03/20 2 Torch Spell Red
DB-TD03/21 1 Standard of Tauris Banner Red
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