Trial Deck Vol. 4: Reaper's Gift is the fourth Trial Deck released for the Dragoborne Trading Card Game.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 53 cards.
  • Includes 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook for the game.
  • Features 20 unique cards, with 6 Trial Deck exclusives and 6 holo cards.
  • The deck will feature Black, Red and Blue banners.

Card List

Code Amount Name Type Color
DB-TD04/001 4 Knightbane Manticore Creature Blue
DB-TD04/002 4 The Servitor Creature Blue
DB-TD04/003 4 Tidechaser Rogue Creature Blue
DB-TD04/004 2 The Gardener Creature Blue
DB-TD04/005 4 Tidechaser Grunt Creature Blue
DB-TD04/006 2 Supreme Ambition Spell Blue
DB-TD04/007 2 Sabotage Spell Blue
DB-TD04/008 1 Insignia of Olous Banner Blue
DB-TD04/009 2 Hilda of the Gearmagnus Creature Red
DB-TD04/010 2 Gearmagnus Saboteur Creature Red
DB-TD04/011 2 Fervent Battlesmith Creature Red
DB-TD04/012 4 Skiving Troop Creature Red
DB-TD04/013 4 Titanic Force Spell Red
DB-TD04/014 1 Standard of Tauris Banner Red
DB-TD04/015 2 Kazzakh, the Hellbent Creature Black
DB-TD04/016 2 Cursed-eye Gargoyle Creature Black
DB-TD04/017 2 Fender Bender Creature Black
DB-TD04/018 4 Bewitching Stonegazer Creature Black
DB-TD04/019 4 Merciless Punisher Creature Black
DB-TD04/020 1 Curse of Niflheim Banner Black
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