Trial Deck Vol 5: Nature's Wrath is the fifth Trial Deck released for the Dragoborne Trading Card Game.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 53 cards.
  • Features 18 unique cards, 6 of them exclusive.
  • Includes 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook for the game.
  • This deck will feature two Green and one Yellow Banner.
  • Each Trial Deck will also come with 1 promo.
Card No. Amount Name Type Color
DB-TD05/001 4 Emissary of Flourishing Creature Yellow
DB-TD05/002 4 Escutcheon Angel Creature Yellow
DB-TD05/003 4 Darkbane Priest Creature Yellow
DB-TD05/004 4 Sanctuary Squire Creature Yellow
DB-TD05/005 2 Answered Prayer Spell Yellow
DB-TD05/006 4 Incapacitate Spell Yellow
DB-TD05/007 1 Shield of Logres Banner Yellow
DB-TD05/008 2 Ghis, Unending Fury Creature Green
DB-TD05/009 2 Threa, Blessed by Fairies Creature Green
DB-TD05/010 2 Fearful Sprite Creature Green
DB-TD05/011 2 Favored Scholar Creature Green
DB-TD05/012 2 Nimble Outrider Creature Green
DB-TD05/013 4 Chromegear Paladin Creature Green
DB-TD05/014 4 Dauntless Lancer Creature Green
DB-TD05/015 4 Untested Scout Creature Green
DB-TD05/016 4 Erudite Archer Creature Green
DB-TD05/017 2 Cleanse Spell Green
DB-TD05/018 2 Runemark of Tir na Nog Banner Green
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